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€ 865 Casino mót freeroll Uppfært: Janúar 12, 2016 Höfundur: Bogdan Gaye
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  • Carmine Cureton
    Carmine Cureton

    Gott, betra, best. Aldrei láta það hvíla. "Til góðs þíns er betra og betra er best

  • Isiahi Anthis
    Isiahi Anthis

    so that&’s where Remington Steel is hiding love that one when Pierce Brosnan was young @Titomania now all I have to do is wait for my piece of pizza

  • Hiram Rust
    Hiram Rust

    @ kriskros46. YOU ARE MY HERO OF THE DAY!!!!!I tried &;ELECTRON25” and &;ELEC25” EVERYWHERE and NOTHING. I went to live-chat at Treasure Mile because my last action there was a deposit and asked why I wasn&’t eligible? Answer was&; ELECTRON25 is only by invite, and ELEC25 is only for new players. DAMN no free spins to me on the new slot DAMN DAMN! WELL that was before I saw your ELEC30&;. &;For Depositors” can mean many things&;1-You have to make a deposit first and then after that you can claim this ELEC30 or 2- you have deposit there once before (me April 8th) and I hoped #2 was good enough to get the free spins. AND IT WAS. SO KRISKROS46 I OWE YOU ONE !!! BTW, I see you now and then doing well at WGS Tournaments, so because this code worked, I will NOT beat you next time I see you in the top10 i&’ll stay below. THANX for the post.